Went over to Madison, SD to pick up our mail from My Dakota Address.
Terri Lund (VP of MyDakotaAddress) was very helpful in helping us fill out our forms to register our car and motorhome and even walked us over to the courthouse where we turned in our forms, paid our money, and then left with our new license plates and registrations!

Well now we’re going to have to get a license plate mount for the front of the Saturn, as Delaware only requires plates on the rear of vehicles. Gonna be different.

Our next step was to walk over to the library (across the street from the courthouse) to get library cards to help show “intent” that South Dakota really is our new home. We then stopped by a local grocery store to pick up a few things we had forgotten on our last shopping trip. We then headed back to the coach.

Seems as though we didn’t have any cell phone signal in Madison, as we both received messages on our phones to “call Michelle (Bobby’s sister). So Bobby called while Shelly drove. They did the Bronchoscopy on his dad today and took samples of the mass and lymph nods. Doctors feel that it is cancer but not sure of it’s stage (possibly stage 3 or 4). The mass is located in a bad spot that could collapse his other lung/airway. There is some talk of sending him to John Hopkins.

So it looks like we’re making an unplanned trip back to Delaware. We’re going to go down to Sioux Falls tomorrow, as we only have 90 days to get our SD Drivers Licenses after registering our vehicles, and were not sure how long we’ll be in Delaware. Weather permitting, we’re planning on heading east on Sunday morning.