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Had our early morning on-site appointment with Spartan Chassis. After Bobby described the recent antifreeze leak (which had stopped), they disappeared under the coach. Quickly diagnosed the issue and just as Kevin Mallory had said, a hose fitting just need a couple turns, which only leaked during the very cold days when we where in […]

First day of the rally. Nothing planned until tonight, so lots of socializing. We did buy a refrigerator fire extinguisher (SS-30) from Chip Aiken, fellow American Coach owner & owner of Great RV Products. Expensive but peace of mind with all the refrigerator fires! Bobby will install it later this week when we’re not so […]

Got up early for our On-Site appointment with the American Coach crew/mechanics. They actually arrived early, replaced a water valve, fixed our step sensor, and adjusted our entry door (that was an interesting process!). Awesome Baby! Once the work was done, we spent much of the day visiting other ACA members, as the actual rally […]

Vegas Baby!

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Drove 256 miles to the American Coach Association RV rally at the Sam’s Town RV Park in Las Vegas, NV. We enjoyed nice scenery along the way. We also stopped about three times along the way to check the antifreeze leak. Everything looked good and the leak seems to have stopped. Wow look at all […]

Decided that we would stay another day. Since we’re not pulling out, we drove over to the Nevada Railroad Museum here in Ely. Turns out the museum wasn’t open, but we were free to wander the railroad grounds and building. So we did, snapping pictures along the way. We then returned back to the coach […]

Ely, Nevada

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Pulled out today and traveled 140 miles south to the Silver Sage Truck Stop/Sinclair fuel station in Ely, NV We’ve decided to dry camp in their large open lot behind their station for 1-2 nights. It’s actually pretty quiet for a truck stop and the surrounding mountains (some snow capped) are beautiful. The staff in […]

Decided to stay yet another day here in Wells, NV as it still looks like it could be a rainy ride south to Ely, NV. So, Shelly worked on finishing wash & dishes while Bobby went out for a quick but BEAUTIFUL bike ride.

Went in town to the small Trail of the 49’ers Interpretive Center/Museum. It showed us some of the history of the town of Wells as well as what it was like to travel through this area in a covered wagon. The women who showed us around the museum was nice, knowledgeable, and down to earth. […]

Looks like rainy travel, so we’re staying another day. Spent the day put-zing around the campground (walking the babies) and coach. Oh, we have a few ‘irons in the fire’ but still looking for Shelly’s next travel nursing assignment. Lookin to start sometime after Vegas Rally, Oct 18th or later.

Went to a small Baptist Church here in town. Small congregation, but very welcoming and loving, even praying for our journey before we left the service. It’s good to be in the family of God!