Our last day to sightsee before Shelly starts her travel assignment on Monday.

So today we went to Muir Woods National Monument, 12 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This park contains 295 acres of giant coast redwoods, the tallest plant on earth!

The tallest redwood here is over 252 feet and the widest is over 14 feet! Some are at least 1,000 years old and most of the mature trees are 500-800 years old.

The bark is quite thick – from six-twelve inches and insulate the redwood against fire damage. Repeated fires can hollow out the trees, leaving openings in the base.

Now, with the facts laid out, one just needs to walk through the forest and wonder at the height and breadth of these trees, as well as the beautifully carpeted forest floor.

It makes one feel so small, all such awesome creation that God has given us to enjoy. Except for a few pictures of some of the smaller redwoods, we were never able to capture a whole tree on film. Pictures just don’t do justice to this place, you really have to be here.

We did see a few critters along the way, including a banana slug and a black tail deer. With the trees being so tall, the birds stay high above us. We heard many, but only caught a quick glimpse of them.

After spending many hours walking/hiking the trails, we hopped in our car and headed south to Muir Beach.

Another west coast beach with large rocks scattered along it’s shore. It’s so neat to see beaches different from the ones on the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve now been on all three ocean-fronts of the US. We’re so blessed to be able to do this.

We roamed the beach for a bit, got back in the car for lunch (sandwiches by Bobby) and headed north on Route I enjoying the occasional glimpses of the of the Pacific from the twisting mountain road. We eventually turned east to go back home, where we plan to finish off the oysters for dinner tonight.