Left California and drove 108 miles, entering Oregon.

We passed Upper Klamath Lake (Klamath Falls) as we traveled to Diamond Lake RV Park, just north of Crater Lake.

We were within walking distance to Diamond Lake where we had a good view of Mt Bailey. Now, about the RV Park, two disappointments… We were told (when we made reservations) that we would be in one of their new sites where we would have 50 amp service and they ability to get our satellite. Well, that’s not what they gave us. They put us in a 30 amp site that we heavily wooded. No satellite reception and the power at that site was not good. Our EMS (electrical management system) cut off the power numerous times because of low voltage. We couldn’t even turn on our computer and TV without knocking out the electric. And the mosquitoes were TERRIBLE! In the two days we stayed here, we went through 4 small cans of bug spray! For this reason, we stayed inside as much as possible and didn’t take the cats out. Now the Mosquitoes aren’t the RV park’s fault but due to the issues, we don’t plan to come back here.