Summery: On Tuesday September 14th Bobby noticed something strange with Jasmine’s (our black female cat) left eye. Her Iris appears to be further to the back of her eye. So the next morning we took her to a local vet (William McGaffy) at  Deer Park Animal Medical Center. With no definitive diagnosis, he referred us to the Animal Eye Clinic of Spokane.

After multiple visits with vet William Yakely (he is wonderful!), it was found she has a detached lens. The vet feels all this is from Glaucoma, as the pressures in both eyes are high. So we now give her drops to reduce the pressure and constrict her left eye to keep the lens in the back of the eye/pupil.  If the lens moves to the front she will likely need surgery to remove the lens or could loose her eye totally.

During her follow-up appointment today they found the pressures are better, but she’ll have to stay on the very expensive drops for life. All in all, she is doing well.