Went in town to the small Trail of the 49’ers Interpretive Center/Museum.

It showed us some of the history of the town of Wells as well as what it was like to travel through this area in a covered wagon. The women who showed us around the museum was nice, knowledgeable, and down to earth. She had lived here since the 1940’s and knows the history and the town quite well. She was a pleasure to talk to.

We left the museum and walked over a block to Front Street. Many if these buildings on this this street date back to 1869 and were preserved until a 6.0 earthquake hit the town of Wells on Feb 21, 2008. It really devastated these buildings and many of them are just shells.

We then walked over to the Presbyterian Church, the oldest building in town. It was built in 1898. Services are still held there, but it otherwise doesn’t seem open for visitors.

We headed back home to get some things done, as we’re hoping to pull out of here tomorrow, weather permitting.

On a side note, Jasmine’s eye seems to be doing well, but she is getting tired of eye drops twice a day and is starting to run from us when it’s that time.