Decided that we would stay another day.

Since we’re not pulling out, we drove over to the Nevada Railroad Museum here in Ely.

Turns out the museum wasn’t open, but we were free to wander the railroad grounds and building. So we did, snapping pictures along the way.

We then returned back to the coach and Bobby noticed a leak of antifreeze under the coach. This was concerning, as we’re in the middle of nowhere and driving 250+ miles to Las Vegas tomorrow. Bobby called Kevin Mallory (who used to work for American Coach) to discuss the situation. Kevin felt that the leak was from the temperature change (it’s very cold here) causing a hose clamp to leak slightly and suggested to take the coach for a spin to see if it worsened. So, out we went, driving for a few miles before returning to the truck stop. The leak didn’t seem to be any worse, so we’re thankful for that! We will have Spartan Chassis take a look at it at the rally.

What an eventful day! Shelly was offered the job, not by one but 2 agencies! We finally worked that out and started the contract negotiation and language fixes. If all goes well, we may be heading to Tuscon, AZ after the ACA rally for the winter! We’ve been through Tucson but never spent any real time there.

We had dinner, enjoyed the sunset and then went to bed.