Had our early morning on-site appointment with Spartan Chassis. After Bobby described the recent antifreeze leak (which had stopped), they disappeared under the coach. Quickly diagnosed the issue and just as Kevin Mallory had said, a hose fitting just need a couple turns, which only leaked during the very cold days when we where in high elevations . Spartan tightened it up and hopefully that will take care of it. Was GREAT to have Spartan here at the rally to get parts, fix issues and give technical support!

After Spartan left, Shelly signed her first contact with ADEX for the Tucson, AZ assignment and completed the required drug screening. Praise God!

Later we attended seminars with a break for lunch. We also visited the vendor tents and then went back home to change for the Southwestern themed “Welcome” dinner. We had good food, followed by good dancing before turning in for the night.