Last day of the rally. Only one seminar we’re attending today. We were only able to stay for half of it though, as we had to go back to our coach to meet Greg (from Trees to These), for an estimate on a new TV conversion. It gave us some ideas and the next time we’re in Decatur, Indiana, we’ll get something done.

We then went to the vendor tents for the last time, as they close at 12:00. Back to the coach for lunch and then to NAPA to pick up a brake light converter for our car. We noticed our right tail light turn signal wasn’t working when hooked up to the coach. Once we got home, Bobby got to work. He was done in under an hour and….SUCCESS!

We relaxed for a bit and then got ready for the Vegas Glitz “goodbye” dinner.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a Vegas showgirl & showman.

The room was nicely decorated and we settled into our table with our Southwest ACA members.

We heard a few speeches by various people and then enjoyed a nice dinner with shrimp and Fillet Mignon. Prize giveaways (Bobby won a new “Big Rigs Best Bets” book) and then a bit of dancing before turning in for the evening.

We had a great time at this rally, finally put faces with names (online), and glad to have all the fixes done to our coach. We would stay here a few extra days past the rally but God blessed us with Shelly’s next assignment in Tuscon and starts Monday, so we have to hurry!