Our first tourist attraction – The Abilene Zoo.

It’s a small zoo, probably comparable to the Salisbury, MD zoo back home.

They are working on some improvements, so there were a few displays closed.

As cat lovers, we always enjoy watching the big cats.

And the Lions didn’t disappoint. It was a male/female pair. The female was quite playful and was doing all she could to engage the male. We enjoyed their antics.

Our favorite displays would have to be the Giraffes and the African Lions.

The Giraffe exhibit was neat, as you could walk up on a bridge to the height of their heads where you could hold out crackers for them to eat.

Versatile huh? LOL

It was quite entertaining, watching the Giraffes stick out their long black tongues, grab hold of the crackers, and coil their tongue back up into their mouth with the cracker.