We decided to spend another day here. We started off driving over to Elephant Butte State Park. The campground gave us a pass we could borrow to get into the park free of charge, saving us $5
We first drove thru their campgrounds and decided that if we were going to stay here, that Lions Beach Campground would be best.
We then drove down a dirt road to get up closer to walking distance of the beach.
Talk about your die hard campers, there are so many people that take their campers thru the soft sand down to camp on the waters edge. Nice camping, but we’d never want to risk getting stuck. As we were walking back to the car, we saw/heard a Big old military vehicle. Now that’s what you need to drive thru this area. The campground host told us that’s the vehicle that pulls out the campers that get stuck for either $200 or $400 a piece – cash only!
We then drove over to the boat ramps and marina. Talk about a huge boat ramp. You could probably have up to 10 different boats being set out into the water at one time.

The floating marina was nice, complete with a gift shop, snack bar, tables and chairs, as well as gas pumps for the boats.

From the State park, we drove down to Truth or Consequences, NM to take a quick spin around town as well as stopping at the local grocer. We picked up some smoked ham shanks, as well as two bottles of wine from the St. Clair winery out of Deming, NM. We then headed home for dinner and a relaxing evening.