Having tried out two different churches the last two Sundays, we decided that we liked the first one best – Beltway Park Baptist Church. They’re really not a Baptist Church, it’s more of a contemporary Christian Church. Everyone seems pretty friendly and we really enjoy the worship music that helps to prepare our hearts from God’s word. They have a new series starting next week called “Para-normal” on the gifts/workings of the Holy Spirit. It should be an interesting study and will stretch us spiritually. Maybe Shelly’s God Sam contract was canceled so that God could grow us here?

After church, we stopped at ‘Belle’s chicken restaurant’ for lunch. They serve home-style food and waitresses that stop and do the “chicken dance” periodically throughout the day.  It was cute and almost made Shelly want to get up and do it with them. Bobby ordered the fried chicken and Shelly had chicken & dumplings. Good food, that Bobby said reminded him of his Mom-mom Laura’s cooking. Now if we could just find a place with Chesapeake Blue Crabs 🙂