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Welcome to our Full-time RVing adventures!!

Wells, Nevada

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Decided to leave today, as it looks like we could be stuck here in rain if we don’t.

So, we traveled 201 miles to Mountain Shadows RV Park in the small town of Wells, Nevada.

The turn around the laundry building getting to our site was TIGHT and we’re glad we unhooked the car, as we would have never made it with the car attached. We’re also glad we called this morning to get a site, as the campground was full when we arrived. The campground stays pretty full, as there are a lot of workers staying here who are working at putting a pipeline through a mountain in this area. It’s a no frills campground, but with our Passport America discount, it meets our needs.

Drove 255 miles to Mountain Home RV Park in Mountain Home, ID.

Nice park with rose garden up front and concrete pads & patios. The cats enjoyed the grass in between the sites, as we did. This is a good park that we’d come back to. And it has a Walmart just down the street. What more could you ask for?

Pendleton, OR

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Back on the road again. Drove 237 miles to the Wildhorse Resort & Casino in Pendleton, Oregon.

We’re only staying one night as we’re dry camping in their parking lot with a whole row of other RV’ers. Smaller casino, but a good place for boondocking.

Jasmine’s last follow-up appointment with Dr. Yakely before we leave Spokane. Her eye pressures are back in normal range, but she seems to have some protein buildup in her left eye. So, now we’re adding Prednisone eye drops. This should make it less cloudy.

Shelly’s last day

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Today was Shelly’s last day for her assignment at Sacred Heart Medical Center. It’s been a good assignment, but the eight hour night shifts, five days a week, have just about done her in. So will go back to normal 12hr shifts. Thank goodness it’s over 🙂

We tentatively plan to leave Spokane Wednesday.

Jasmine (Spokane, WA)

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Summery: On Tuesday September 14th Bobby noticed something strange with Jasmine’s (our black female cat) left eye. Her Iris appears to be further to the back of her eye. So the next morning we took her to a local vet (William McGaffy) at  Deer Park Animal Medical Center. With no definitive diagnosis, he referred us to the Animal Eye Clinic of Spokane.

After multiple visits with vet William Yakely (he is wonderful!), it was found she has a detached lens. The vet feels all this is from Glaucoma, as the pressures in both eyes are high. So we now give her drops to reduce the pressure and constrict her left eye to keep the lens in the back of the eye/pupil.  If the lens moves to the front she will likely need surgery to remove the lens or could loose her eye totally.

During her follow-up appointment today they found the pressures are better, but she’ll have to stay on the very expensive drops for life. All in all, she is doing well.

Shelly attended the 2 day Women of Faith Conference “Imagine” in Spokane.

Wow! What an an awesome event! Women of Faith is great and helps to deepen your relationship with God. The speakers this event were Michelle Aguilar (Winner of season 6 of The Biggest Looser), Marcus Buckingham (author & researcher), Karen James (wife of one of the Mt. Hood climbers who perished in the tragedy in Dec ’06), Nicole Johnson (author & dramatist), Luci Swindall (author , speaker & public relations VP of her brother Chuck’s ministry) & Shelly’s favorite author & speaker – Sheila Walsh. And had to have music – The Women of Faith Worship Team, Nicole C Mullen & Mary, Mary.

Everything was so good! This was Shelly’s 2nd Women of Faith event and recommends this to anyone who is able to go.

Coeur d’Alene, ID

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Drove over (east) to Coeur d’Alene, ID today.

After getting the car parked, we walked past the boat ramp and then went for a hike on Tubbs Hill. We had great views of Lake Coeur d’Alene!

After our hike, we walked around the town. Along the way, we came upon fruit trees that someone had grown like grape vines. Now that had to take some work!

We walked back down to the waterfront, where we took a stroll on the world’s longest floating boardwalk at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort.

We caught sight of a seaplane landing along the way.

We then went for a quick walk through the resort before heading back to Spokane.

Beautiful sunset pictures from our new site!

Our site in the RV park was only available for one month, so today we moved across the street. We’re no long right on the golf course, instead we’re now by a large field. Not bad huh!?