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Welcome to our Full-time RVing adventures!!

Shelly & I at Second Harvest (cell phone pics), Help the hungry sort night. Wow, we did 10,000 lbs of potatoes tonight! Believe me, our backs already feels ever pound, but was worth it! It was a blessing to see all the volunteers & young people!

A day of sightseeing in Spokane. Our first stop was Riverfront Park.

They had a big Radio Flyer, so of course Shelly had to get in it šŸ™‚

The park was the site of the 1974 World’s Fair and we enjoyed walking along the river and the views of the park and clock tower.

Walking away from the park, we saw the falls, as well as the Washington Water Power building, the Skyride Trams, and the Monroe Street Bridge. After walking across the bridge, we decided to walk around the city area.

We first went to the “Flour Mill”, which is now filled with shops and restaurants. Since it was too early for lunch, we didn’t eat here.

Next was the Spokane County Courthouse., a Beautiful work of art built in 1895. It reminded us of a castle with it’s many torrents. We would have loved to see the inside, but it wasn’t open.

We then walked to the Davenport Hotel, which opened in 1914. Another historic building with a plush lobby. We plopped ourselves down on one of their comfy couches, resting from our walking and talking in the beauty of the hotel.

It was now lunch time, so we headed to the Steam Plant, which now houses the Steam Plant Grill & Brewery. We appreciated how they maintained many parts of the steam plant, even opening up one of the smoke stacks for people to walk into. We enjoyed our lunch and a brew, then walked back to our car at the park.

We drove to our next stop, Manito Park. This is a real gem in Spokane! With all the traffic and stop lights, who would ever think this would be here. This is a free city park with beautiful gardens to be enjoyed by all. For those from the east coast, we put this at the same level of Longwood Gardens, but without the admission fee.

We first went to the Rose garden, with so many different colors, varieties, and scents. Then the Dahlias, so beautiful and some as big as Bobby’s head! We also loved the various conifer trees scattered throughout the park.

Next was the Japanese garden. We then went to the Duncan Garden and finished with the Gaiser Conservatory. There was a few more gardens that we could have seen, but it had been a full day and we were ready to head home.


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With Shelly working eight hour night shifts, five days a week, it doesn’t leave us a lot of time for sightseeing. The hospital is nice with good support for the staff.

Today is the first day we’ve had a chance to venture out except for Bobby on his bike. Enjoyed good wines at Townshend Cellar! on Twitpic
We headed a little east to Townshend Cellar for some wine tasting. Shelly liked their sweet Huckleberry Blush, but we decided on their ’03 Merlot, rich smoky with good tannins.

Another at Walter's Fruit Ranch, enjoying fresh Peaches,... on TwitpicFrom there, we went to Walters’ Fruit Ranch in Greenbluff. We sampled varieties of peaches that we had never heard of and ended up buying a few of them. They also had wines from area wineries that we could try. Bought a sweet honey mead before heading home.

Shelly’sĀ  first orientation day is tomorrow so today we made a test drive to Scared Heart Medical Center in Spokane where Shelly will be doing an 8 week assignment. All the traffic, the zillions lights and no bypasses in Spokane, we’re worried it will be a long drive to and from the campground. Spokane sure needs better highways!

Deer Park, WA

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Weather better today, so drove 134 miles to Spokane RV Resort in Deer Park, WA. One big mountain climb out of Clarkston/Lewiston but no problems. Driving through Spokane was crazy especially with construction on 395. Spokane is bigger and busier than we expected šŸ˜„

The RV park is on a golf course with paved roads and large cement pads. It’s nice and quiet, well away from any road noise. We found a small church to attend tonight, so we wouldn’t miss service.

Not the best weather, so decided to stick it out another day here in Clarkston, WA because of T-Storms north of us.

Hopefully tomorrow we can make it to Deer Park, WA.

A day to relax and recover.

What a beautiful sunset!
We plan to leave tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

The big day has arrived! We drove over to Hells Gate State Park where we’ll be getting on the boat. Our “captain” of the boat was nice as well as knowledgeable. Beautiful scenery along the way on our ride south (UP) the Snake River.

Our first stop was for a continental breakfast at Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. Nice fruit trees here (although none of it was ripe) as well as a deer and a cat. They even had an old root cellar that you could walk into.

After our light breakfast, we continued up the river, passing many different people on various watercraft. We also went by the remnants of an old stone structure. And the Beamers mail boat, still used to deliver mail to people/houses accessible only from the river.

We then stopped at the owners residence for lunch, as well as to switch to the open boogie boat. We got some good pictures of mountain rams as we started off in the new boat. The only other pictures we got in this boat was of Hells Canyon Dam. We were too busy getting drenched to get any more, LOL! Gotta love those class 4-5 rapids! FUN!

We later switched back to the covered boat, after being in the open boat for 58 miles. Heading back north on the river, we saw such interesting geological formations. Our captain even let us stop off to enjoy a waterfall for a bit.

Back on the boat, we saw some of the houses accessible only by boat, no electric, with gravity fed water towers/sheds. We also went by some petroglyphs.

Such beauty in the land surrounding us. This was truly a day to be in awe of our creator God in the wonder and variety of His creations. We spent much of this day praising God. We could have spent a much longer time out here, as the day seemed to fly by.

Trip over, we headed to Fazzari’s for more of their pizza, and then headed back to camp to go to bed.

Today we went over to Lewiston, ID to buy our tickets for the “Hells Canyon Tour” from Snake River Adventures. They were featured on the Travel Channel (video here), which is where Bob saw them and put this trip on his bucket list. So being the friends that we are, we wanted to enjoy this with him. This will be an 11 hour trip covering 208 miles round trip! We’ll start off on a covered boat and then switch to a Boogie Boat that will truly allow us to experience the rapids. We are really looking forward to this boat ride!

Our evening walk around the Clarkston riverfront.

Praise & Food

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Went to church at Orchards Community Church with Judy & Bob, then we went for a drive over to Moscow, Idaho. Forgot the camera so not pictures šŸ™ We ended up having lunch there at “The Angry Bear” restaurant. We all got burgers which we all enjoyed. We then headed back to the campground to relax for the rest of the day.